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I want to share my last night experience with the readers that I was in my air-conditioned car, and was going to withdraw some money from the ATM, as I stepped into the ATM-cubicle it was such a shivering atmosphere inside, my fingers were actually striking the wrong numbers while I was entering a code. Although my car was chilled, that cubicle was extraordinarily chilled. When I came out of the ATM-box, my glasses became faded and it wore a sort of cover of gas that took me two minutes to settle with my eyes.

After a while, my brain became full of questions that why the banks are not considering to save electricity in ATM rooms, although the energy is going in a reckless manner? Don’t they want their bills minimized? Don’t they use EnerNatural’s Mux Life mobile-application that can control and schedule unnecessary working of air conditioners and lights monitoring in the ATM-rooms?

Natural consequences of energy overuse

The over usage of electricity indirectly hits the entire environment and leads to climate change. In Pakistan, the ambiance of ATM rooms is unusually cool while the outside environment is unfortunately warm.

The climate change, due to over energy usage, has caused us so much in the form of presence of carbon footprints, severe heat waves, critical drought, higher temperature, and other harsh situations. One of the reasons for this severity is the day and night functioning of air-conditioners and lights in ATM rooms, that consume so much energy, even there is not much traffic to withdraw money in mid-nights and other normal hours typically in Pakistan.

ATM in Pakistan and society

Due to the high gender imbalance in Pakistan, comparatively, women do not have or have very limited access to the banks and bank accounts. Now thinking about their going and withdrawing money from ATM is like a long run on glass-pieces without shoes. Only elite-class women can go towards ATMs.

Now, the 24/7 functioning of air-conditioners and lights in ATM rooms, where the entry of women is barred by the societal evils and the traffic is reduced to more than half, is more or less pointless in a sense of energy wastage.

Huge electricity bills for banks

Banks run to earn maximum profits and they have branches in almost every area with an ATM-cubical next to it that remains open 24/7 to facilitate the withdrawers. But they still face a loss of too much money going in excess electricity bills, because the air-conditioners of the ATM-cubicles remains switched-on every time and it’s also very difficult to manage it manually to go every time to switch ACs on and off.

Timer and sensor-based monitoring

By using EnerNatural products it becomes convenient for banks to monitor ATM-room devices from far away. The electrical engineering team of EnerNatural provides smart solutions for you to conserve more energy, to be environment-friendly, and to save money.

Our sensor-based monitoring system helps you to install motion-sensor in an ATM-rooms’ doors that as it opens and someone enters in, it switches on the air-conditioner and LED lights.

Banks can also manage to set a timer in EnerNatural smart plugs for ATM that will automatically handle ATM air-conditioners as you schedule it and set a timer according to the traffic hours to conserve too much electricity.

Be more money-keeper

This timer system can also be used inside the bank branches. Usually, banks open at 9 and pack-up at 5 pm. so, all the appliances in the bank should be shifted to the application to get them handled automatically and set the timer to switch-on the selected appliances in the bank as the clock strikes 9.

This automatic system will keep a good check and balance on the extra consumption of electricity and it will also give notification on mobiles if any misuse of electricity occurs.

In this way, banks will be more money-keeper and their electricity system will be more intelligent.


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