ENERNATURAL Energy in the digital age:

We are a team of dedicated Engineers and Industry Professionals focused on developing state of the art products and solutions for monitoring and reducing the energy consumption


EnerNatural aims to tackle energy shortage challenges head-on by providing cutting edge digital technologies through software based tools to measure, analyze and optimize the energy consumption for individuals and businesses. Our solutions are simplified enough for use by an individual to analyze energy consumption of a home, with limited tools, and yet can be scaled up to meet the complexities of businesses that have complex energy requirements.

Our ENAudit program will provide a thorough audit of your electrical installation and provide recommendations to: improve safety, optimize usage and save costs.


EnerNatural aims to provide significant costs savings to individuals and businesses by Measuring, Controlling and Optimizing usage.

Our state of the art technologies provides cutting edge tools for individuals and businesses to get an instant grip on costs.


The dynamics of energy management is changing. Various devices interact with each other and the data collected by software provide analytical views to improve decision making. These digital technologies help drive value for businesses both on the supply side as well as demand side. 

Improve Your Lifestyle

Enernatural endeavors to make your life easier in reducing your energy consumption by providing you with the most possible means of functionality in your hands along with keeping you notified about your usage. Enernatural products will be assisting you throughout the day, keeping a check on your energy usage and alarming you for the excessive practice so that you can turn the appliances on/off with a single click!

LED Lights

LED Lights

Home Automation

Home Automation

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

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