Meter monitoring system for industries

Running an industry or manufacturing facility is a complete process and a crucial responsibility where operational managers keep a critical eye on every undertaking. It includes material inspection, production lines, machines, labour handlings, and factory overheads calculation.

My question here is how the industrialist, having this critique mind, can underestimate the aspect of monitoring the electricity? Everyone knows that industries and manufacturing facilities are the highest energy-consuming zones where huge machines operate whether these are textile mills, vehicle-manufacturing industries, or any production facility.

Electricity bills remain a huge operational expense for the industrialists. They pay millions of rupees every month, and then even they only rely on WAPDA generated bills and have no additional energy monitoring system.

Enernatural offers electrical energy monitoring and reporting service to the industrialist and commercial customers where our electrical engineering team deploys the smart energy monitoring hardware remotely checks the electric consumption and keeps a peering eye on WAPDA meters. It also displays the monthly, half-yearly, or yearly report to compare it with WAPDA generated bills.

This service benefits the industrialist and commercial customers in all the way.

Dispute Resolution

Obviously, time changes and anything cannot remain constant. Similarly, industrial productivity also varies every month. If one month an industry is producing more, the other month it will produce with a different margin.

Sometimes, when WAPDA meters spoil they charge bills on a previous month’s basis and this becomes a point of dispute between WAPDA and the industrialists. The industrialists argue, “we have comparatively low production this month so why you charged as same as previous month even it’s your meter that has spoilt”.

In this way, having the service of electricity monitoring is a good deal as it is a matter of millions.

No need to hire a meter reading staff

In the industries and manufacturing facilities, there is a person hired to read the electric units consumed, but it does not assure the proper monitoring or comparative analysis. It just a re-reading of units shown in WAPDA meters.

Contrarily, the electric monitoring and reporting system re-checks the consumed electric units and report about which machine consumed more.

So what’s better: hiring a person to just read the unit and report or monitoring & reporting service to have a complete overview of electricity consumed to present a proof-of-consumption to WAPDA representative?

Notification Alerts

The monitoring system also gives you notification alerts on your mobiles if WAPDA meter stops working. Enernatural’s electrical engineering team remotely keeps check and balance on your electric consumption whether the industry is situated in urban or rural areas.


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