Keep a watch on electricity misuse

It’s a general complaint of commercial and office managers that their staff switch on extra lights and air-conditioners in offices at night that increases the monthly electricity bills. The extra units consumed indicate the misuse of electricity at the end of the month. These managers are unable to take any sort of action because they get no regular substantial proof of energy misuse.

The same situation goes on in almost every office, school, factory, etc. They have no proper solution available yet to keep a watch on electricity misuse. But, the appearance of Enernatural in the electrical engineering field has altered the perspective.

Air-con; the heaviest electricity consumption

Despite fans, lights, PCs, etc., the air-conditioners consume a huge amount of energy and bring feathers to the electricity bills. Research confirms that in all the office automation devices, air-cons consumes the most energy in terms of consumption.

There are people who do not switch off air-conditioners while leaving the office-room for meetings or for any purpose. They don’t usually remember to put it off and the room gets cooler and cooler in vain.

What happens when you forget to turn off your air-con? Shouldn’t there be anything to notify you all the time to turn off your air-cons when you or anyone leave it switched on?

Lack of awareness

People usually do not know the technical consequences of misusing electricity. It’s not only bills that grab a peak, but also there are so many other related negative effects that cost even the lives of people.

  1. The Aircons require regular maintenance based on their usage and Operational costs increase when these are used more frequently and for longer hours.
  2. Undesirable electricity usage brings severe climate change because of the presence of carbon footprints.
  3. Excess electricity usage also leads to natural consequences like heat waves, severe temperature, and creates a drought-like situation.
  4. The entire Globe is experiencing a shortage of natural resources especially freshwater through which electricity is produced in a huge amount.

Enernatural offers Smart solution with technology

Viewing all the relevant issues, Enernatural team of Electrical Engineers has brought smart solutions to counter the misuse and wastage of electricity.

  1. Our WiFi-based smart plugs have built-in features that connect to your air-cons and manages its operations.
  2. The Mobile App sends a notification immediately once anyone turns On the air-con while you are away from your office.
  3. There is no way anyone can tamper with this device and you will always have a 24/7 monitoring of your Aircon.
  4. Offices can control the air-cons through our Mux Life application by which all the appliances can be switched on and off remotely.
  5. Also in ATM rooms in the Banks where air-conditioners work 24/7 in a reckless manner, even if there is no one to withdraw money. Banks can monitor and schedule the air-cons in ATM rooms through our motion sensors.

So, it is a time when you can do something to bring a change and save energy for your coming generations. Enernatural has taken up a step for revamping the ongoing energy crisis through our unique products, now it's your spell to turn the tide.


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