Intelligent Line Conditioner Three Phase (10-36KVA)

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The device ensures the quality of electric power and also prevents all your electrical equipment from going spoilt due to voltage surges.


Intelligent Line Conditioner Three Phase is an equipment that is connected with the three-phase line to provide clean, pure and sustained electricity to all the electrical equipment installed in your homes and offices. It can effectively handle all the three-phase load separately having a digital LCD meter to provide information about voltages and power surges, spikes, or fluctuations.

It measures the incoming voltages against the nominal voltages and finds out the difference to improve the quality of the power that is delivered to your electrical equipment. This ILC device is connected to the mainlines and assures the protection of all your electrical equipment from electricals bumps and jolts. It solves various power problems.


  • Voltage Regulation Caters wide input voltage range and provides digital output regulation on each phase separately 

  • Superior Protection Protects against N-failure and accidental P-N reversal, the auto restores upon normalization 

  • Over Voltage Isolator (OVI) Extremely fast Over Voltage Isolator (OVI) against sustained high voltages up to 400Vac 

  • Surge Suppression Built-in SPD capable of handling 100KA of aggregate surge current per P-N

  • Excellent Load Handling Capability of handling 100% unbalanced load on all three phases separately 

  • Overload Protection Dual redundant overload protection electronic load sensing and thermal circuit breaker

  • Digital LCD metering to indicate real-time information of each P-N voltage, load level, Frequency & N-G voltage

  • Remote Status Three volt-free relay contact sets (NC & NO) for monitoring of the remote status 

  • Modular design for quick turnaround maintenance and on-site upgrades

  • Outdoor Cabinet also available in a weather-proof cabinet(IP55) for outdoor installations