Electricity audit for quality and standard:

The electrical system audit conducted by Enernatural’s certified electrical engineering team is designed to detect any quality-related concerns and issues that can put your safety at risk as well as resulting into power losses and wastage of electricity. Our professional audit is performed for the complete technical assessment of the entire distribution system of the commercial and residential customers. We provide findings of the audit along with recommendations over any safety concerns and issues in the electricity distribution system as per the industry standards.    

Protection and Safety:

Our service is all about to serve and protect our customers from any sort of electrical safety issues and energy losses. The electrical system audit also identifies the probable damage to your electrical appliances and industrial machines while protecting them with recommended solutions. Electricity distribution system with a compromised safety standard may cause a loss of valuable human life and Enernatural aim is to avoid any such incident for our customers. 

The electricity losses resulting from the compromised distribution system and low-quality installations result in increasing the entire country’s electrical-grid losses. 

Smart recommendations

Not only our electrical audit system detects and protects the electrical distribution system, identifies issues that can damage the appliances but also recommends the commercial and residential users on improving the ways of using electricity. Enernatural brings smart solutions that are surely effective for users to conserve electricity to minimize the electricity bills.