Electricity monitoring/recording

With the help of using our energy monitoring /recording device, Enernatural’s electrical engineering team precisely calculates the electricity units consumed by the commercial and residential blocks on a monthly basis. The electricity monitoring device is connected to your main electric board to measure the monthly electricity consumed. Our team also conducts various hardware tests to check the consumption trends on an average basis.

It’s a smart device having the ability to monitor the wastage of electricity without any error. You can reduce your electricity bill by having your electricity consumption monitored.

Good reporting system

The device performs trend analysis and graphically shows you every point of consumption. It is actually the statistical calculation of energy used. Our device shows you the complete monthly energy consumption report and yearly analytical report. It points out the wastage of electricity and our team suggests the applicable and efficient ways for the conservation of energy.

Our monitoring device is all for letting you conserve electricity and save your money spent on electricity bills.