Energy analysis

For providing you with an overall bird-eye-view on your residential or commercial electricity consumption, Enernatural’s electrical energy audit gives a complete analysis of every appliance and identifies most energy-consuming appliances, equipment and devices in your homes and commercial units. 

Detection of highly energy consuming zones

The electrical energy audit points out the areas and zones, in your residential and commercial units, where the electricity is highly consumed. Suppose, if refrigerators and air-conditioners are highly energy consuming zones then the system will recommend you to focus over the scheduling operation as well as considering replacing appliances with the newer generation of energy-efficient ones. It can be any zone where electricity is being used recklessly or the area may be unknown to you. It provides an opportunity for detection and prevention of energy wastage.

Electricity monthly bill reduction

As it highlights the highest electricity consuming appliances, zones and areas, our consumers become aware and then try to minimize its wastage for more energy conservation thereby reducing electricity bills. Enernatural also offers smart home and office automation devices that help to reduce your electricity consumption. We aim to educate and enable our customers by providing them state of the art technology for efficient use of electricity.