Easy Steps for Saving Electrical Energy at Home

EnerNatural provides guidelines to the residential consumers for efficient utilization of energy thereby helping them to reduce their electricity bills. This results in an overall reduction of the energy production requirements with a positive impact on the environment.

The understanding on electrical energy would also help the consumers to understand electrical safety needs.

1.Ensure insulation of external walls & room air tightness to reduce the impact of environment, this will reduce electrical energy consumption of Air conditioner and Electric Heaters.

2. Always keep the condenser and air filter of air conditioner clean this will reduce electric energy consumption.

3.Thermostat of air conditioner should be set to optimum level (26C/27C) this will reduce electric energy consumption drastically.

4.Replace old and inefficient conventional air conditioner with new energy efficient system.

5.Always select an appliance with higher energy star rating, higher energy star rated appliance are more energy efficient.

6.Replace conventional lights (Bulbs, Tube lights) with LED lights, LED lights are more energy efficient and have higher operational life as compared with conventional lights. Enernatural provides complete solutions for the replacement of bulbs and conventional lights to most energy efficient LED lights; Please contactinfo@enernatural.com if you are interested to find out more.

7. Always switch off the power supply when an appliance like TV, Computers and Laptops are not in use, as most of the appliances keep on consuming small amount of electrical energy while even not in use.

8.Use automatic switching control for water pumps, these switches ensure automatic switching of water pump reducing the chances of useless operation of water pump saving electric energy.

9. Optimize number of lights, don’t power-up unnecessary lights.

10.Use automatic switch (Sun Switch) to control outdoor lights, sun switch will automatically switch off outdoor lights during daytime.

In order to find out more about saving energy and reducing your electricity bill, please contact us atinfo@enernatural.com


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