3 Tips to Convert your House into Energy-Saving Smart Home

Automation has become an important part of people's lives all around the world. Now, you can control almost everything through smartphones whether it’s a security or entertainment system like music and movies.   

In Pakistan, technological advancements have occurred on at large scale in energy automation, so if you are looking for an intelligent energy management company in Pakistan, you’ll not have a hard time to find it.         

Smart home devices are now making homes energy-efficient which saves time and money both.  

The following tips will help you to make your house an energy-saving smart home.   

Smart Power Strips  

When you plug electronic devices into your wall, they keep using tons of power even when they are switched off. According to the statistical study, standby power consumption ranges from five to ten percent of total household energy consumption.

You can use smart power strips to reduce power usage. It shut down the power products and goes into a standby mode that plays a key role to save energy and cash.

Smart Thermostats  

When it’s summertime, air conditioners significantly increase your electricity bills and that is a major issue when it comes to managing energy and money. Smart thermostats are the perfect solution for this problem as these are the devices that adjust temperature settings in your home.

It includes a programming feature of the temperature that you prefer and develops an automated schedule and provides you energy usage data. With the help of it, you can easily control home temperature through your smartphone.

Smart thermostats play an important role to save energy by reducing the temperature swings and by cutting on or off to your desired temperature as compared to the manual thermostat.

Smart Blinds

In summers, scorching heat keeps coming to your home the whole day. Smart blinds keep hot sun rays out of your home and smart motorized window shades regulate the heat by opening and closing at pre-programmed times.

These blinds are programmed to close during the hottest time of the day and also to open in winter to let the sun heat the room.


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