How I can reduce my electricity bill?

There can nothing be more important in the present times than money; for which everyone becomes a bloodsucker of others. But I think people possess a special place in their hearts for electricity-provider to whom they pay a lot and do not focus to save electricity in terms to reduce the electricity bills.

The question arises here that why people do not save electricity? The search for this answer took me to many places to find out the actual reasons.

I found that children in homes waste much electricity, immaturity and laziness also becomes a factor for energy-wasting, moreover, most of the people do not know the technical aspects to save electricity to get the bills reduced.

Conserve Electricity and reduce bills

People who don’t have awareness of conserving electricity for bills reduction, they should focus on the following points:

  1. With the advancement of technology, electricity has become a central need to run life. Every appliance needs electricity to get started and function. But being on a sensible road, it should be used efficiently.
  2. People should do away with heavy tube lights and install LED lights that are more energy-efficient and reduce electricity bills. 
  3. Train your children in a way that they should not misuse electricity. 
  4. Apply new techniques to overcome the past and use mux life mobile application that turns your appliances on and off whether you are not physically present near to the devices.
  5. The application-based system schedules your devices where you can set the timer at any device at any time you want your appliances to be switched on. 
  6. You should switch off your air-conditioners, all the lights and fans before leaving the room. 
  7. Rely more on daylight and use it as much as you can because the natural light gives you health and power.
  8. While your air-conditioner is switched on don’t let the door open and when the room gets cool, just switch it off until the room requires extra cooling.
  9. Put off your PCs, laptops and microwaves not-in-use. 
  10. Keep your bulbs clean to get much light from a single bulb. 
  11. Use stoves instead of microwaves for heating a large amount of food. 
  12. A fridge is one of the most used appliances in homes that works 24 hours without any break. People should timely switch it off to give a little break and conserve electricity from it because it is not necessary to let it remain switch on all the time. 
  13.  Wash your clothes from cold water and avoid using electric heaters for this purpose.
  14. Use dimmers to reduce the power of your lights and fans because it reduces electricity consumption. 
  15. Check you air-conditioner’s outer, when it requires cleaning just clean it because the dust on its fans jams the wings and then much electric power it uses to run. 


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