Electricity metering system for multi rise buildings

Electricity is the main ingredient to enlighten homes and running life without which no one can move. For measuring the energy consumption, the electricity providers install electricity meters that calculate units consumed and generate monthly bills which we are bound to pay.

When it comes to “multi-rise buildings” which are spread vertically and counts hundreds of apartments, there are main meters from the electricity provider and sub-meters installed at each apartment by the building management. Mostly, these sub-meters are not up to consumers’ satisfaction. Reasons being:

  • These electric meters do not have automated reporting capability and require physical inspection for taking the meter reading.

  • Customers can’t get any consumption analysis during the mid of the month and always have to wait until the end of the monthly billing cycle to see the overall consumption and bill.

  • Hence, it’s too late to take any action for overbilling due to high consumption or any incorrect meter reading by the reader.

  • There is always a doubt over the abnormally high reading of electric bills as it may come with human error or delayed reading.

  • Thirsty stealers can hook wires at those meters to enjoy free electricity at your expense.

Leaving all the above drawbacks or pitfalls aside, Enernatural has brought a real-time Smart Electricity Monitoring and Metering Solution to tackle all these challenges and provide you accurate and reliable monthly billing for your complete satisfaction.

Smart Metering Solution

Multi-rise buildings have lots of issues regarding electricity distribution systems and meters installed at the apartments. Sometimes there occur arguments among a building owner, management and residents regarding meters’ inefficiency and inaccurate measurement capability and high electricity bills.

Viewing these issues and challenges, Enernatural has come up with a smart & advanced state-of-the-art energy metering system that offers a complete electricity measurement, data management and automatic billing system where your data is reported in real-time while keeping it on a server over the cloud-based connectivity. cloud-based connectivity.

You can check electricity consumption data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis or even your past consumption records by going online to analyze the prior and current consumption trends for understanding any reasoning for the changes in your electricity consumption.

It also notifies you the reason of irregular spikes in electricity bills and any abnormal change in your monthly bills. Our system also provides reasoning including weather changes.

Wireless Metering System

The smart meters that Enernatural is providing for the multi-rise buildings are free from wires. These meters have sim-card connectivity which tracks and saves your consumption data and gives you a real-time report whenever you want.

These meters eliminate certain dangers as no one has to go and read the meter for calculating electricity consumption units. It is a favorable metering system that is beneficial in multi-faceted ways.

Tampering-Proof Meters

It is a common doubt among electricity consumers that their electricity bills are charged without numerical tampering! Is the current metering system capable enough to be believed! Or how the metering system will generate the consumption record if the meter gets faulty or damaged due to any technical reason!

The Enernatural’s electricity metering system for multi-rise buildings assures that the meters are fully tamper-proof as there is no intervention of humans as well as protected with a sophisticated security alarm system that ensures data is stored online so the consumption data can easily be retrieved.

Real-Time Notification Alerts

The Enernatural’s meters are just a trailer of a big game. These meters are installed as a display, there is a complete back-hand system running for the monitoring, auditing, recording, reporting, and emergency prevention system that even gives you real-time notifications alert through emails. It notifies you about the due date of electric bills payment, increase in electricity bill compared to the previous months’ bills, meter breakdown, etc.

Main & Sub-Meters Complete Monitoring Solution

Enernatural’s backend support system provides a main and sub-meters complete monitoring solutions to both the building owner and residents living in the multi-rise building. It’s also beneficial for building management where they can also get all the metering data to check which apartment is consuming how much.

In this way, the building management can point out the particular apartments whose consumption is unexpectedly more than others and ask them to curtail the electricity usage from an energy-saving point of view.


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